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Classical Interiors

Classical architecture employs a rich language developed across twenty-five centuries and many cultures. It is a language of details understood worldwide with its powerful vocabulary of subtle nuance and inflection. Within the study of architecture, the subject of classical interiors has garnered a minor position in the coverage of twentieth-century design, as has the general subject of classical architecture after the 1930s. Classical Interiors explores the architecture of the interior as expressed through the dazzling varieties of classical forms. The pursuit of beauty through the language of its details is a primary aim of classicists, and its important function is addressed in essays by noted scholar and author Elizabeth Meredith Dowling. Classical Interiors includes essays by Carol Flores, professor emerita at Ball State University, and architects David Watkin and Richard Sammons. Extensively illustrated portfolios of contemporary projects include work by John Milner Architects, Bruno and Alexandre Lafourcade Architecture, Architectural Resources Group, Donald Insall & Associates, Allan Greenberg, Studio Perigali, Ernesto Buch, De la Guardia Victoria Architects & Urbanists, Appleton & Associates, Historical Concepts, Craig Hamilton, Molyneux Studio, Quinlan & Francis Terry, Julian Bicknell & Associates, John Simpson, Fairfax & Sammons, David Jones, Gil Schafer, Ferguson & Shamamian, and Robert A. M. Stern.

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