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Hilarious singing, covert amours and bloody vendettas – characteristically human you might think – but completely wrong! Our nearest relatives are much more alike than you think! Impressive photographs from the renowned animal photographer, Thomas Marent, lead into the world of Monkeys. The journey embraces more than 130 species, mostly photographed in their natural environment – from the mountain gorillas of the Congo to the South American capuchin monkeys up to the mouse lemurs in Madagascar. The images are accompanied by texts and firsthand snap-shots and descripe the exciting, amusing or touching encounters of the photographer with the animals. Profound texts of the zoologist Fritz Jantschke explain the different relationships and a lot of fascinating aspects of the world of our animal relatives as the sensory perception, the mating habits or the not always easy relationship between man and ape. • With an introduction by Dirk Steffens, Ambassador of the Jane Goodall-Institute Germany, Ambassador of the WWF, Anchorman of German TV docu series “Terra-X”, “TerraExpress”, ZDF • A journey of discovery on our nearest relatives around the world • Never before so many different species of primates have been presented in an illustrated book!

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