Interpreting Dreams

  • SBN: 9781913393939
  • Author: Clare Gibson
  • Price: £8.99
  • Publisher: Saraband
  • Publication date: 2/11/2023
  • Distribution Centre: Grantham Book Services

In the realm of dreams, the unconscious mind weaves tapestries of meaning...

Whether your night-time visions are joyful or unsettling—or even outlandish—they could hold significant meaning. Could your dreams help you discover secrets you keep...even from yourself?

In this pocket-sized book, symbols expert Clare Gibson explores the ways in which your dreams reveal more than your conscious mind allows you to grasp when you’re awake. Drawing on tools and techniques for the language of dreaming across the world and over centuries, her insights help unravel clues about unresolved aspirations, fears, relationships and desires. 

Part of Saraband's In the Moment collection, this is one to tuck into your overnight bag for introspective vacations, or keep on your bedside table—a companion to your dream journal, a talisman for dream interpretations and quiet reflection in that gentle time between waking and real life.

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